Keeping cool with islamic home loans in the Summer

Islamic home loans are a great way to look after your spriitual needs, but there’s also the physical aspect when you’re suffering through the hot summer heat. Islamic mortgage loans will keep you safe from riba but not necessarily the July sun, so here’s a few things that you can do to keep that air conditioner running properly during these times.

  • Looking after that hot weather appliance so it doesn’t let you down when you most need it means going outside at various times to be sure the condenser unit isn’t clogged with debris like leaves. This will affect the way the unit works and while you can generally get any dirt that has accumulated in the intake cleaned off with a broom, anything that has worked it’s way deep inside will need a professional.
  • Changing the filter is important too. If your air conditioner runs off the furnace fan you only need to change the same one you look after in the winter months.

You’ll find that even with Islamic home loans on your side , home ownership can be expensive. To save a few dollars in heating costs, you can even turn the air conditioner off and open a few windows to get the air circulating inside.

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