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Islamic laws and applying for a loan

One of the things that surprises Muslims that are applying for Western-style loans is the fact that Islamic laws don’t necessarily contradict what they need to do to get one […]

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Here’s how Islamic sharia law can help you buy a house.

Muslims are getting involved in the North American real estate market in a big way and they are using their knowledge of the ijara loan to get to where they […]

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How to find a good sharia mortgage company.

Once you’ve made the decision to get a sharia compliant mortgage, you need to start narrowing down the number of choices that you’ll most certainly be able to find. Following […]

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Your ijara mortgage and interest rates.

Although you’ve got an ijara mortgage and that means you’re Sharia compliant and safely tucked away from riba, there are some other areas where understanding how mortgage rates work is […]

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Ijara loans and recurring costs you might have

Once you get a new house and you find that you’ve settled in, you’ll see that your ijara loans help to get the keys to the place but there are […]

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