Ijara loans and choosing the right interior paint

Ijara loans are a great vehicle for getting the financing for your new home that’s Sharia compliant and riba free. With an ijara mortgage, you enjoy all the same rights as any homeowner that’s got a mortgage through a conventional lender. With either mortgage product, you’ll want to get busy with some renovations and painting is one of the first places to get started. Picking the right paint can be as easy as using our ijara calculator, and the first step is deciding on the area that you want to paint and finding the total area of the project is usually the first step. Using the deductive reasoning you used with ijara loans will help. For that, just add together the length of the walls and multiply by the height of the room. For this height all you need to do is measure from the floor to a level ceiling. The resulting number is what’s called the total area. Remember that you’ll need to deduct for the windows and doors. Unless your’s are oddly shaped, you can deduct 20 feet for each door and fifteen feet for each window. It’s as simple as getting ijara loans.

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