Looking for Halal Islamic Investment Options?

Our IjaraTM Home Financing Program was specifically established by an international board of sharia scholars way back in 1996. We have structured it to help you get a Halal mortgage. If you are like a lot of our customers, you’ll be interested in looking at Islamic investment opportunities too.

That’s why we decided to put a list of some of the best ones together for your reference. Remember, the definition of halal investing is working with those businesses that are in line and sharia compliant. Practicing Muslims need to remember that a lot of conventional investment opportunities are not.

Pfizer Inc.

This is a pharmaceutical company that makes a variety of prescription products. If you follow this link you’ll be able to see the different items in their diversified portfolio. This company prides itself on the delivery, development and discovery of a variety of different vaccines and medicines.

Looking for Islamic investment opportunities that are sharia compliant means understanding they  have profits adhering to the rules of sharia law. There are many different requirements including staying away from investments that include pork products, gambling alcohol or military equipment.

Chevron Corp.

The Chevron Corp. is a company that meets these requirements. That makes it another good candidate for your Islamic investment money. This corporation is dedicated to sustainable business with a variety of interesting technologies. They manage these businesses to produce oil and gas reserves. Chevron uses state-of-the-art technologies like unmanned aerial vehicles.

A Few Words on Getting a Halal Mortgage

Investing your money in a sharia compliant way is important. However, you should also understand how our lease to own arrangements work.  The residential programs that we offer in the USA cover anywhere from 1 to 4 units. They are also owner-occupied and the investment lasts up to 30 years.

A down payment of between 20 to 25% is required. There are also construction and renovation loans available. If you’re looking for more information on this type of Islamic finance, please follow this link.

Texas Instruments Inc.

We operate in both Canada and the United States. That’s why we included this American company on our list. This company has 30,000 employees in different locations across the world. The innovation of tools they build include electronics for industry and automotive companies. Texas Instruments also builds personal electronics and other communication equipment.

Here at Ijara CDC, we also offer commercial products that are sharia compliant. We are a Michigan nonprofit corporation. Our company is proud to be operating in all the provinces in Canada and 50 American states. We are the leaders in our industry. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to 100% client satisfaction.

Here’s a final company you should be looking at for investment purposes.

Intel Corp is a technology based outfit. They work in a variety of different areas including cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Even though they are headquartered in California, Intel has offices all around the world. This company makes an excellent Islamic investment opportunity.

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