You Purchased Your Home with Islamic House Financing. Now, Here’s Some New Homeowner Survival Tips

After using Islamic house financing techniques to purchase your first house, you can rest comfortably knowing you are sharia compliant. Congratulations are in order. You dealt with home inspectors, lawyers, real estate brokers and insurance agents to get the keys to your new home.

What’s more, you put things together using our Islamic loans USA structure. There is a lease involved to keep you riba free while you pay down your new house.

However, there’s still lots to learn. Here are a few survival tips for new homeowners that will come in handy as you settle in.

Jump on Those Utilities with Islamic House Financing

You’ll want the lights on in your new house as soon as possible. If you move in during the winter, it’s important to make sure you’ve got heat. In fact, you want to get all the new utilities put into your name. The best way to do this is make a list and work through it.

If the town has a garbage recycling service, you may have to contact them yourself. Don’t forget to call the gas company and arrange for phone and electric hookups if needed. Make sure to shop around for the best Internet service. There’s lots of digital options available.

Have Patience

You took the time to use Islamic home financing to get the keys to your new place. When you finally settle in, it’s a good idea to show even more patience. One of the first things every new homeowner needs to remember is big renovations are expensive.

This means you should hold off on any unnecessary projects. It’s wise to put any construction on hold for at least six months after you move into a new house. This gives you enough time to get your financial footing and prioritize what needs to be done.

Watch Out for Potential Problems

Every new homeowner should learn to spot potential issues before they become big problems.

For example, finding and repairing a small roof leak can save you a lot of money. A minor leak can even cause mold if left untreated. This can create a possible health issue. Look for water stains inside and spots on your outside walls.

You may be able to do some of the repair work yourself. First off, you should replace any damaged shingles. If you find a leak around the chimney, reapplying caulking is a quick fix.

Damaged vent boots are another potential area that can leak. Fixing these is easy enough since most hardware stores carry replacements. If the boot isn’t damaged, try replacing any missing nails at the base of the boot with rubber-washered roofing screws.

Maintaining your new home is every bit as important as staying riba free and sharia compliant. Hopefully, these tips will help you on your way. Remember, we are always here to answer any questions you have about Islamic house financing too.


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