Got Islamic Home Financing? Here’s Some Other Smart Things Homeowners Do

Getting Islamic home financing is one of the best things that you can do to protect your investment. We offer interest free financing that acts as an alternative to traditional mortgages. Getting one of these halal loans is a smart move because you’ll steer clear from riba.

Here’s a few other smart moves that seasoned homeowners make.

  • If you find there is a power outage in your new place, don’t panic. It’s often the case that most of your bathroom outlets and even some of the exterior lights are powered by what’s called a GFCI outlet. Look for a red button in the middle of an electrical outlet. If you don’t have power, just press the reset button before you call an electrician. Quite often that’s all that’s needed.
  • When you first buy a house, you’ll want to keep your utility bills to a minimum. Showerheads are one of the biggest culprits. They are one of the heaviest water users in your house. By adding a low flow showerhead, you can keep your water bills low.

How Our Islamic Home Financing System Makes a Difference

We provide our clients with sharia-compliant financial alternatives to regular mortgages. Our services are industry-leading because we supply professional guidance and advice from experts in the field. What’s more, all of our transactions are transparent and our staff are all easy to get in touch with.

That makes it easier for you to concentrate on these tips on how to become a better homeowner.

  • Stopping air leaks under doors saves on your utility bills. If you can see daylight or feel the breeze coming in from any exterior door, the fix is simple. You can adjust the thresholds up or down with just the turn of a few screws. Make sure there’s not too much drag when you open or shut the door.
  • You’ll need to inspect the outside of your house too. There is no need to climb up on a ladder to find out if your gutters are full. Just attach a mirror to the end of a length of PCV pipe.
  • Some new homeowners find they want to touch up the paint on the inside. There is no need to mess up a paintbrush every time you see a spot that needs to be fixed. Just dip an old washcloth in an open can of paint and start dabbing the spot on the wall. Paint rollers and washcloths have the same texture so everything will look great when you are finished.
  • Pay close attention to any puddles you find around your water heater. Hopefully, the problem centers around a relief valve or drain. Either one of these is an easy fix. If there’s a problem with the tank, it could rupture and cause a flood.

 The halal loans we offer our design to make your life as a homeowner enjoyable. We also offer some excellent refinancing solutions.  Get in touch with us today to learn more about Islamic home financing.

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