Summer Maintenance Tips That Go With Your Islamic Loan

 The Islamic loan alternatives we offer are perfect for residential properties. Along with being riba-free, the equity that you make turns into savings over time. There are some other advantages like tax deductions on your property tax and mortgage.

An Islamic mortgage USA allows you to live in the same area for years and be part of the community. A big part of success includes the responsibilities of home ownership. A big one is maintaining the property.

Here’s a few tips that you can work on to keep things looking good in the summer.

Outside Summer Home Maintenance and Your Islamic Loan

Take a look at the caulking around the outside doors and windows. Making sure that you buy the correct kind is important. Basically there are two different types — silicone and latex.

The latex is an excellent choice because it goes on quickly and easily. It can also be painted to match up with the rest of your home and windows. It does have at least one big drawback. This type of caulking doesn’t last very long and it needs to be replaced quite often.

Here’s another disadvantage. It doesn’t expand or contract with the window sill. That can cause pieces to fall off and crack.

Silicon is a better choice because the material is extremely flexible. There’s only one disadvantage. This type can’t be painted but it comes in a variety of colors.

If you’re looking for the most long-lasting flexible choice, buy siliconized latex caulking.

More Outside Maintenance Tips

  • Checking your deck is another maintenance must. Look for any boards that are rotting or loose and replace them right away. Don’t forget to hammer nails down that have popped up.
  • Cleaning your windows is a snap with some warm water and soap.

How We Work With You

 Our Islamic loan process is asset-based and that makes it different then the credit based method. Our ijara system sets up a trust that leases the property to the person who will become the eventual owner.

This system complies with sharia law since there’s no unequally shared risk.  Our structure can help you get the keys to your new home so you can use these inside summer home maintenance tips.

Inside Summer Maintenance Tips

Getting your air conditioning system up and running is job one. Check the filter and change it out if necessary. The summer is a good time to get your AC serviced by a professional.

This is also a perfect moment to check your attic for any signs of mold or mildew. Have a quick look for any pests and holes in the roof as well as leaks or dampness. Down in the basement, check for much of the same.

  • Clean your exhaust duct and dryer vents.
  • Take a few minutes to clean up vents in your bathroom and the fans too.

Finally, remember we are here to help you with an Islamic loan.

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