Great Tips For Buying a Home With Islamic Home Financing

We specialize in consulting for clients looking for Islamic home financing. That includes residential and commercial properties. You can also expand your portfolios by buying investment properties that don’t include riba through us.

For many of our clients, a residential property is the first step. Here are some tips for buying a home with your Islamic mortgage USA funds.

  • Keep in mind that bigger properties aren’t always better properties. Real estate agents understand the biggest, most beautiful house on the block usually only appeals to a small audience. Although you might be drawn to one of these in the beginning, you’ll be limiting the resale value down the road. Remember that the house that you decide on will only go up in value in relation to the other homes around it.
  • Don’t skip over the home inspection. You wouldn’t buy a car without first looking under the hood. A home inspector can cost just a few hundred dollars but in the end, it can save you thousands. It’s the best and sometimes only way to get an honest third party opinion about the place. If these professionals find any problems with the property, you can use them to bargain.

We are a reliable source that you can use for a variety of sharia-compliant financing options like Islamic home financing. We work with a variety of licensed providers to find the right solution for our American and Canadian clients.

Beyond tax deductions, there are a variety of other advantages to getting an Islamic mortgage USA loan. Saving money when you move into a new property is always a priority. Here are a few more tips for finding the right location.

  • Checking out the neighborhood morning noon and night is a good way to get an accurate picture. Many people who buy their first home get upset when they find out the neighborhood isn’t what they thought. Do a drive-by at all hours of the night and day to see what goes on. Commute to work from the location at least once to make sure it’s feasible.
  • Don’t forget there’s a lot more to paying for a house than just the mortgage. Utilities, property taxes as well as maintenance costs also figure in. There are going to be repairs needed and future tax hikes.

Finally, don’t let your emotions rule completely. Falling in love with the house as soon as you walk in the front door and buying it can set you up for a big fall. The best thing to do is understand you’re making a big investment—stay wise and calm.

If you’re sitting on the fence about Islamic home financing, why not take a look at the gallery on our website? Then you can scroll down and fill out the convenient tab to get in touch with us. There is also a handy phone number and a snail mail address that you can use. Owning a home and being free from riba supplies you with a predictable future.

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