Halal Loans and Effective Marketing for Business

Companies owned by practising Muslims need two things. A marketing strategy and halal loans. IjaraCDC has fostered a good number of relationships with commercial lenders. These are professionals who use Islamic finance principles to fund your enterprise.

The financing comes in several categories.

When it comes to marketing, if you’re a business with the local target market, you’ll need a special approach. Most brick-and-mortar retail operations fall under this category. Many e-commerce enterprises have a local aspect to their customer base.

Halal Loans and Marketing

Here’s a few differences between marketing for a local clientele and a global one.

  • The target market is more defined for a local business. For example, a business that sells Fall and Winter clothing in a suburb might target men and women of a certain income range who live in nearby towns. The same e-commerce store would be looking for customers all across the Internet.
  • Local marketing is usually less expensive than its global counterpart. Even the digital aspects become more expensive as you hire agencies and run multichannel advertising campaigns.

 Regardless of the type of commercial enterprise you want to put together, IjaraCDC can help. Download an application for commercial structuring services and halal loans here.  We consider a few different aspects when we look at the viability of any commercial transaction. For example, we look at both projected and historical income as well as expenses.

It’s the same kind of thorough approach that you should use when you’re deciding on the type of marketing you want.

Here’s a few local business digital marketing strategies that are efficient and effective. These work well with local businesses looking to target nearby customers.

Local Searches

  • Work The Local SEO Angle. Your website needs to rank near or at the top of local searches to be effective. Consider the fact that the top three results on Google receive over 75% of the total clicks. Starting a blog is a good idea. Writing about local community events and activities helps you to get a good profile.
  • Put Together Some Social Media Pages.  Shariah compliant Islamic finance principles can work with modern marketing techniques like these. Here’s a note of caution. You don’t need to set up an account for every social media site. Choose the ones where your target market spends a lot of time.

We understand there are big differences between commercial and residential real estate purchases. Basically, commercial real estate produces income. It gets used for different businesses. They include retail centers, apartments, offices and hotels.  Both residential and commercial Islamic finance loans  need lenders. However, commercial halal loans come from different sources.

These commercial loans can also be made up of a business group . They might be looking to buy real estate. There can be funds held in trust as well as developers, corporations and partnerships. They are often called entities.

Get in touch with us to learn more about halal loans and how you can get one.

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