Islamic Home Financing and Great Tips for Selling Your Home

Islamic home financing through IjaraCDC involves an application process. Prequalification is one of the first steps. One of the things we like to stress is there are different types of Ijara programs. Lessees should try to qualify for each one.

Perhaps you’ve already bought a home with a halal mortgage USA? If you are shopping for some new real estate, we’d like to offer up these great tips for selling your present home. Remember that you can purchase or even refinance your property with our Ijara structure.

  • One of the first things that you need to decide is how you’re going to sell. You can either sell privately or work with a real estate agent. One of the big advantages to selling a home by yourself is you don’t need to pay a commission. These can vary anywhere from 2 to 6% depending on where you live. Of course there is a downside. There’s lots of time involved including marketing costs and all the paperwork you will be responsible for.
  • Staging is an important part of the process either way. Remember that staging a house is not the same as decorating. Decorating is about adding your personal style to space. Staging makes it more appealing to a large pool of buyers. The number one tip here is to clean your home. It shows potential buyers that you’ve taking good care of your house. Take your time and clean everything from the floors to the ceilings.

Islamic Home Financing And Appraisal Basics

One of the other things that you will need to do when you sell your house is have it appraised. We have put together some information on the basics. You can read all about appraising a property by following this link. We have supplied some information on the three different approaches appraisers use.

The techniques we use to get you a halal mortgage USA are sharia compliant. However, we understand you want to get the most for the property you currently own. Here are a few other secrets to selling for a high price.

  • Show that any room has potential for a different use. Adding a desk and laptop to a smaller bedroom opens it up to new possibilities for a potential buyer.
  • Pressure washing and old deck or adding fresh mulch to your gardens makes a big difference.

Exterior landscaping doesn’t usually cost a lot of money. However, there are big payoffs in curb appeal. Simple ideas include dressing up your front door. You can polish old fixtures and add clean handles. Both are inexpensive fixes that will make a welcoming first impression.

Big Difference

Painting your garage door and front door can also make a big difference. Chips or cracks can draw negative attention. Take a few minutes to choose the right colors for everything including the trim. It should complement the stucco and brick on your house.

IjaraCDC can help with Islamic home financing whether you are buying or selling.