Looking for Advice on Islamic Financing? Check These Boxes.

Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC) is a sharia structuring company. We specialize in Islamic financing.  Our Ijara method provides riba free financing to consumers. Getting the right help is as important as finding the right products.

Please read the following blog. You’ll get some tips on what to look for in a financial advisor.


Look for a professional who understands your requirements and needs. That includes residential, commercial properties and nonprofit strategies. Clients often have religious and/or ethical restrictions on how they invest. It’s important for a good financial advisor to be aware of these.

Work with an advisory firm that’s been through different economic/market cycles.  This type of experience helps with an investment strategy that’s effective and sharia compliant.

Islamic Financing Investments

We offer investments based upon Murabaha, Ijara and/or Musharaka. They suit existing enterprises  looking to expand and grow. Small businesses looking to make sure current investments are sharia compliant can contact shoeb@ijaraCDC.com.

There are other characteristics to look for in an Islamic financing specialist. Unfortunately, the next one on our list is hard to evaluate.

Trust and Avoiding Riba

Without a lot of experience and time working with a financial advisor, it’s hard to trust one. Following are a number of ideas you can evaluate one with.

  • Find out if the person you are considering works with sharia compliant products. Take a look at the company website. There should be a section on sharia compliance and scholarly attributions.
  • An online search will uncover other relevant information.  Does the company that you are considering have a good customer support department? You can find out more about  halal  home financing options by looking at the website.

Look for any reviews they have on the Internet as well. Those can help you make a good decision.


A good financial advisor steers you clear from riba and provides a list of excellent investment opportunities. A good company understands all of their clients’ goals. They are also transparent with good communication.

Advisors need to discuss advice and strategy in an easy to understand and effective way.

Thinking about using us for a commercial or residential real estate transaction?  Please take a look at the how it works section on our website. That’s where there’s information on the Ijara-wa-Iqtina  process.  It focuses on an ownership and lease arrangement. It allows Muslims to buy real estate and abide by sharia principles.

This type of Islamic financing sets up a trust to avoid riba.

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