Here’s What You Need to Know about How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency  Work Together

Wondering how blockchain and cryptocurrency work? Read this.

Blockchain keeps track of a set of transactions. You can use it to fund transfers and vote. It’s a great way to get a sharia-compliant mortgage too. #DECOM is short for decentralized common sense. This tool allows for an affordable rent-to-own program using cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is digital money. It provides secure online payments.

These two terms are used together. They are different but need each other to work. Here’s how.

Big Benefits To Blockchain

This technology is how cryptocurrencies get passed around. Here’s a big benefit. The stored data is tamper proof. Blockchain stores information on a series of computers so the risk of hacking is reduced.

Here are some ways to use these technologies.


Voting involves storing important data. That’s why blockchain can work. All the different points can be verified. People can cast votes online without worrying about fraud.

More About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

There are other possible uses.

Ethical is basically real estate that’s sharia compliant and uses cryptocurrency. Here’s how it works. Two ETHI tokens are used. And backed by real estate. The technology is hacker free.

Please read on to find out other excellent uses for this tool and cryptocurrency.

Health Records

Blockchain is a good way to store health records. Pharmacies, clinics and medical centers supplty the data Storing these records this way is secure and unchangeable, and traceable and transparent.

There are some other ways that this technology and cryptocurrency work together.


Data is tamper proof. The reason is simple. A network of computers share one database. They all validate transactions at the same time.

That means all the information is more secure and harder to hack.

Blockchain: Socially Responsible

Ethical uses this tool to be socially responsible. This lease to own product helps people own property easily and affordably. Learn more here.


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