Cryptocurrency News You Can Use 

Ethical wants you to understand cryptocurrency. This ethical lease to own system is a way to homeownership on the blockchain. It’s actually two crypto tokens that work together.  

We understand that finding a simple way to find a real estate property for your business or family can be difficult. Using cryptocurrency can make it both ethical and user friendly.

Scoured The Internet

That’s why we’ve scoured the Internet looking for news about this kind of digital money. We feel the more you know, the more you’ll see how our alternative riba free solution works.

Supermarkets Use Digital Currency

A Hispanic grocery chain will soon be offering cryptocurrency when their customers go out to buy food. Cardenas Markets plans to offer Bitcoin ATMs and digital currency machines in some of their stores.  Ethereum will also be offered. Plus, there over 40 other digital currencies in the package.

The company is based in Ontario, California. It operates 59 stores in the state as well as Nevada and Arizona.

Mainstream Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is going mainstream. And Ethical is riding the trend. Getting started on the path to riba free property ownership starts when you buy our ETHI tokens

It’s an easy process. All you need to do to get started is download a crypto wallet. Check out our website for a link Americans can use and one for our Canadian friends too.  

 More Cryptocurrency in The News.

 Not convinced this is the new way to get a sharia compliant mortgage yet? Then why not read about these top companies that have already made the move to digital money?

 The IMARC Group has produced a list of enterprises using cryptocurrency successfully. Some of the names that you know that have made the list include Microsoft and Intel Corporation. These research experts talk about how important high-speed Internet is to the growing cryptocurrency market.

Sharia Compliant Method

It’s the same kind of innovation that is used for people looking to buy a home using ETHical IJAra. This video will help explain what you need to know about this sharia compliant method.

The methods discussed will keep you free from riba. It’s the same with the Ijara lease to own method. Ijara Community Development Corp is your credible source for sharia compliant financing. We have a network of licensed providers that offer Islamic funding alternatives in Canada and the United States.

A Few Advantages

Our business has a few advantages over the competition including excellent investors who work on our team. They offer competitive rates and fees. The application process we use is simple and user friendly. All of our transactions are transparent. Not only that, we are easy to get in touch with.

Latest Venture

Don’t forget about our latest venture with cryptocurrency. Ethical is the latest innovation in sharia compliant mortgage alternatives. Get in touch with us today to learn more about either service. We are always happy to help.

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