A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

There are a number of things that cryptocurrency can do for you. You can buy services and goods and even get involved in the real estate market in a riba-free way. Here are a few things that you should know if you want to get involved with this digital money.

What Is Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is digital money. It circulates without the need for a government or bank to get involved. Cryptocurrencies used tools that let people trade, sell or buy them securely without a bank. 

Here’s how they work. 

 Blockchain is the technology that allows crypto to work. This tool keeps a record of all the transactions that are tamper-proof.  It also keeps track of what everyone owns.  Blockchain solves a problem that cryptocurrencies faced before. Some people make copies of their digital money and try to spend it twice.

What Are the Advantages of Cryptocurrency? 

  • Supporters say one of the big advantages is there’s no central bank. 
  • Other people like the fact that blockchain technology makes it decentralized. That means it’s more secure than other types.
  • Cryptocurrency is also secure and private. As well, this type of digital money can be traded by using different currencies like the European Euro and the US dollar. You can even buy them using the British pound and Japanese Yen and Indian rupee.  Using different exchanges and wallets you can convert one of these digital currencies to another.
  • Another advantage is the fact they are cost-effective. You can use cryptocurrencies to send money from one border to another. There are no transaction fees and no need to use third parties like PayPal or Visa.

 Please read on for some helpful suggestions about how to choose one of these cryptocurrencies.

There are thousands of different types of this digital money traded publicly. According to NerdWallet, the total value of all the different cryptocurrencies as of June of this year was around 970 million dollars. 

Start With a Common One

Getting involved for the first time? You should try to start with one that’s common and well-established. 

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