Summer Home Maintenance Tasks Made Easy

Home maintenance is one of the most important things you should consider when owning a house. This indicates that the homeowners are responsible for keeping their homes clean and well-maintained.

Summer Checklist Towards Home Maintenance

Summer is fast approaching, and here’s the list of home maintenance tips you can follow to maintain your home.

Keep Air Conditioner Filters Clean

Air conditioners are very essential during the warm summer season. Part of summer home maintenance is changing your air conditioner filter every two months. Not only does this make the incoming airflow colder, but it also helps reduce your electric bills.

Protip: An alternative to air conditioning is placing bowls of ice in front of a desk fan for a cool breeze. You can also keep the doors slightly ajar during the day to encourage airflow. Also, investing in a humidifier as another cooling source will greatly help.

Check Your Weather Stripping

Maintaining the caulk and having enough weather stripping around windows and doors are equally vital for reducing utility costs.

Inspect Smoke Detectors

Your first line of defense in the event of a fire is a smoke detector. Your worst-case situation if they fail is losing your home. Worst case scenario: you might also lose your family. Make sure they are kept in good condition, especially during summertime.

Eliminate Insect Spawning Grounds

Since spending more time outside is encouraged by warmer weather, you’ll want to keep your yard free of insects. You can stay comfortable in your yard instead of rushing for cover by giving the perimeter of your home and yard a quick spritz of outdoor bug spray. Additionally, you can clean up the leaves and other debris gathered in your gutters.

Enhance Your Backyard

Now is a fantastic time to install fresh landscaping so that your house and backyard are set for summer cookouts and pool parties. Freshen up your yard’s appearance, from the grass to the trees. Start by removing all dead branches and foliage from plants and trees, followed by some weeding.

Protip: Take advantage of the warm and clear summer weather by using your grill to cook outdoors. Not only does this bring out a better cook in you, but it also helps reduce heat within the home.

Time for Interior Redesign

Summer is a great time to declutter and redecorate the home! Try these steps to make the home more comfortable.

  • Start by clearing out some unnecessary stuff and moving them to your storage area.
  • Pull out those light-colored bedsheets, linen, and covers for smooth sleeping time.
  • Change your curtains to cooler curtains to block the sun and retain a colder internal temperature.
  • Switch to cooler light sources like LEDs and CFLs.
  • If you have indoor plants, move them closer to the window.

Now that you have a complete checklist of summer home maintenance tips, It’s time to beat the heat!

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