Childproofing Tips Every Parent Should Do for Preschoolers

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Children and curiosity go hand-in-hand, like hummus and pita chips. And as the kids grow, the urge to explore and try new things also becomes stronger. Thus, childproofing is just a part of owning a home for parents.

While parents heavily invest in childproofing for toddlers, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also need to take some preventive measures to make your home easier to move for your budding preschoolers.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’ve set up some foolproof tips you can try out. Plus, most of these are inexpensive and easy to do!

Manage Wall Scribbles

Kids love expressing themselves through colorful artwork. Sometimes, the walls become the unwilling canvas of our next Picasso.

One great way to childproofing the home while letiing kids practice their artistic talent without breaking your walls is by going with washable crayons. Opting for washable crayons will teach the young ones two great lessons: self-expression and cleaning after themselves. If you have some cash to spare (and have a painter’s itch to scratch), you can also paint the walls with specialized paint that turns walls into a washable-erasable surface.

Practicing Safe Artworks

On the subject of art, kids don’t stop at wall scribbling. They’ll also use other materials to practice their “craft,” including clay and glue. Let’s be honest, which kid didn’t spread glue all over their hands?

Always check the label when shopping for art materials to ensure they’re non-toxic and safe for kids. It’s also a plus for childproofing if these materials are easy to clean for parents.

Preventing Stair Falls

Preschoolers become amazing balls of energy, going from 0-60 in a couple of seconds. While this is manageable in open spaces, this poses a concern when going up and down the stairs.

Start childproofing your stairs by clearing them of any stuff they can stumble on – toys, shoes, and loose carpets. If it’s loose, they can lose footing on it.

Next, keep the stairway lighted, especially when the kids use it. Nothing’s scarier for the young ones than dark or poorly-lit stairs.

Another thing you can do is place strips of non-skid tape on the steps to reduce the chances of kids slipping. This is ideal if the stairs are made of smoother materials like wood or tiles.

Securing Other Key Home Spaces

Kitchens and yards are other home spaces requiring extra caution and childproofing care.

For kitchens, ensure that drawers containing sharp or heavy objects receive extra attention regarding closures or security. Using push-to-open drawer slides is a great option to get this done. Wires should be properly kept, with unused appliances unplugged and out of reach.

As for the yard, make sure all tools are stored in a shed or garage to prevent the kids from playing with them. If you have a gate, keep it securely locked unless the kids go outside.

Safer Spaces, Better Child Growth

The home shouldn’t be a dangerous place for your preschooler. With these childproofing steps, your kids will enjoy exploring and trying things out in a safe and protected space.

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