Here’s The Future of Cryptocurrency for The Second Half of 2022

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, with many important changes happening this year. There’s been tremendous focus and attention on the industry, according to the experts.

Here are a few of their cryptocurrency predictions for the 2nd half of 2022.

New Regulations

Lawmakers in the United States and worldwide are still trying to figure out how to put together guidelines and laws. They’re looking to make cryptocurrency even more appealing to investors. That’s why many experts are expecting continued discussions surrounding regulation.

One of these changes includes President Joe Biden signing an executive order last March, calling on government agencies to look at responsible development of these types of digital assets. The United States Treasury Department has also recently published a beginning framework.

 Removal of Cryptocurrency Roadblocks

Some new trends seem intent on removing any roadblocks left that are quickly diminishing around cryptocurrency.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has gone on record, as standing behind further regulations and adopting this type of digital money. In 2021, he went on record saying there was no intention by the American government to ban cryptocurrency. The Security and Exchange Commission has also reported it will have a place in policing the cryptocurrency industry.

More Traction

Everything is pointing towards this type of digital money gaining more and more traction in the American financial mainstream.  In fact, work is being done in several areas, including broker-dealers, lending platforms, and exchanges.

That means the SEC is working in all of those three fields. They are talking to players in the cryptocurrency industry about how to work on compliance so everyone benefits.

What it All Means for Cryptocurrency

In the end, this year’s last part is seeing investors and government agencies working together. With more regulation on the way, most people see stability.

There’s a good sense cryptocurrency is an excellent way for long-term investors to put their money in a stable environment. Clear guidance is emerging that prevents any kind of fraudulent activity.

Moreover, sensible regulations are a win-win situation for everyone. The result is that many mainstream companies across different industries are more interested.

For example, AMC announced that it would be excepting Bitcoin payments in 2021. The players in the digital financial space, like PayPal, are even allowing users to buy cryptocurrency on their platforms.

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