Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2023

Everyone who knows cryptocurrency understands that its volatility is part of the possibilities simultaneously. Most investors are wondering what will happen with this digital currency in 2023. Here are some predictions that you can base your decisions.

Ethereum Will Do Well

The first prediction is that Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in market value, even if only for a short time. The prediction is a bit tricky because these two products are highly correlated. When one goes up or down in value, the other is usually not far behind.

Bitcoin stands as the benchmark whereby all other digital currencies get measured. However, with a potential recession on the horizon, many experts are predicting cryptocurrencies will become more unique and individualized.

If you look at the history of Ethereum, you’ll see why this prediction has merit. This cryptocurrency averaged around 40,000 transactions early in 2016. Three years later, in 2019, the average had gone up to 700,000 transactions on a daily basis. For the past two years, that number has consistently been about 1 million transactions every day.

Decentralized applications typically use Ethereum for transactions, making it a clear leader.

Decentralized Common Sense Will Gain Impact

 The next big prediction regarding cybersecurity has to do with  #DECOM or decentralized common sense. This idea is going to be at the center of a home-buying revolution. Traditional agency guidelines are strict and keep many people from getting the keys to their own houses.

This is why #DECOM will make a big impression in 2023. 

A Few Final Words

Some of the experts in the field are predicting that cryptocurrency will make a big stand this year. In fact, at least one is pointing to the fact that it is reclaiming its $800 billion market cap early in the year.  Experts also point to the fact that 2022 was an indecisive year for cryptocurrency. They say worldwide volatility made it impossible for big players to make decisive moves.

However, these same people are now saying that the market is undergoing short-term buying pressure and reclaiming positions. As of January 2023, the global marketing cryptocurrency has reclaimed its benchmark at $800 billion.

It’s also worth a mention that the numbers went even higher at the end of last year. For example, the cryptocurrency market briefly hit the 1 trillion market capitalization mark.

In the end, predictions revolve around the two leading assets Ethereum and Bitcoin.

ETHi is one of the cryptocurrencies that stands to make a big impression in 2023. The decentralized common sense token is opening the door for home ownership. The crypto token involved is rooted in the rent-to-own real estate formula. It’s a sharia-compliant way for people to open the door to the American real estate market without compromising their beliefs.

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