Plant Maintenance Tips for a Fresher, Livelier Home

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It’s scientifically proven that having indoor plants improve the home beyond the aesthetic appeal. However, if you’re keeping live houseplants, they’ll need some tender love and care to retain their lively appearance. We’ve prepared some easy and hassle-free maintenance tips to ensure they stay bright and lovely longer.

It All Starts With Choosing the Right Plants

The first rule of indoor plant keeping is knowing how much natural light your space receives and getting those that adapt well to the sunlight level. If your space takes in low or indirect lighting, you should go with snake plants or parlor palms. Conversely, cacti and succulents like aloe work best in spaces that receive intense sunlight. 

Additionally, consider your schedule when choosing indoor plants for your home, as some require more attention than others. For those with a busier lifestyle or who are always on the go, low-maintenance varieties like succulents and snake plants can adapt to your schedule perfectly. On the other hand, orchids, Ferns, and air they will need regular watering and some spritzing to maintain their luscious looks.

Proper Watering and Fertilizing

Aside from sunlight, your indoor plants also require water and fertilizer for optimal growth. Though, too much water or fertilizer can suffocate them and are not helpful in the long run.

Before watering your plants, ensure the soil is dry to avoid overwatering. If the soil is darker and sticks to your fingers upon checking, it’s still moist enough. Also, use warm water, as it absorbs better.

Fertilize your plants according to season and age. Typically, growing plants need more fertilizer than young ones. Give them more fertilizer during the spring and summer, and limit fertilizer use during the fall and winter.

Give Them Room to Grow

Like your kids, plants love to have their own spaces, and overcrowded pots can substantially hinder their growth. If you notice that they are growing new shoots or almost filling out their pots, better divide them and place them in individual pots. Plus, it’s a great way to get more of them around your home.

On the discussion of overcrowding, check the roots of your plants to see if they’re circling their current pot. Circling roots around the pot requires repotting on a larger container and some fresh soil so your plant can grow more.

Prune and Groom

Over time, your plants will accumulate dust on the leaves and some dead or dull leaves along the way. To keep your plants’ bright and green appearance, give them some dusting and pruning when needed. Not only will this help them absorb more sunlight, but it also lets them grow new leaves that will make them look fresh and rejuvenated.

Another thing to watch out for is diseased leaves or plants – remove them as quickly as possible to limit their spreading. Some tell-tale signs of the disease include powdery or dark spots on the leaves or mushy, dark-colored roots.

Healthier Plants, Happier Home

Indoor houseplants are a surefire way to bring out the livelier side of your beautiful home. Maintaining them properly is key to extending their lifespan, thus blooming your home even more.

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