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A few words on repairing a leaky roof.

There’s no doubt that islamic home loans will plug the ‘leaks’ in your finances when you want to stay Sharia compliant and still enter the real estate market, but of course there’s more to the complete picture of homeownership than just Islamic mortgage loans.

Being handy around the house is very important. You can save a lot of money when you know how to do things yourself or at least spot and repair damaged areas that need to be looked after temporarily before professionals can arrive to finish the job properly.

For example, a leaky roof can be a huge issue if you don’t at least stop the water from coming through and a good starting place to find the problem is in the attic with a good flashlight that can illuminate the beams up there.

If you can find the spot, the next step is to poke a wire through to the roof so you can more easily find the location when the rain stops. When you’re up there afterward and you’ve located the wire you can make spot repairs and check at the same time for other areas that need to be fixed. Broken or missing shingles are just a few of the tell tale signs there is more work that needs to be done.

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