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Four Things You Need to Know about Islamic Financing

This is a great educational video on the principles of Islamic Financing made by the International Monetary Fund, is an organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure […]

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Free Islamic Home Financing Seminar in Ottawa

If you can purchase a home riba free, why shouldn’t you? Join us on January 30, 2016 ( 10:30 A.M) at the Holiday Inn Express, Ottawa: 500 Bisebois Crescent Ottawa, ON […]

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Realtor Islamic Home Financing Seminar : Generate More Leads in the Niche Muslim Market

Keeping Your Basement Dry With These Tips

Islamic home loans are great for making sure that your financial house is in order, but even the best islamic mortgage loans won’t be able to help you when your […]

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Islamic mortgage loans and picking the number of bedrooms you’ll need

Islamic home loans are an excellent financing tool when you want to stay sharia compliant and practice your religion living in North America. Islamic mortgage loans are an excellent   way […]

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Interesting and affordable garage remodel ideas.

Renovating your house so that you can increase your equity  or just enjoy the living space more isn’t just confined to things you can do in the kitchen or bathroom.  […]

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Islamic home loans work great with older homes too

Once you’ve made the decision to finance your home purchase with Islamic home loans one of the other big choices you need to make is between newer or older homes. […]

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Some simple tips for avoiding home buying mistakes

When you consider the property that you buy with islamic home loans will be the biggest investment that you make over your lifetime, it’s easy to see why you should […]

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Islamic home loans work with the self employed. Here’s how

If you’re self employed and think that you might not qualify for islamic home loans, think again. With the right documentation you can get islamic mortgage loans just like the […]

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A few words on repairing a leaky roof.

There’s no doubt that islamic home loans will plug the ‘leaks’ in your finances when you want to stay Sharia compliant and still enter the real estate market, but of […]

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