Commercial Document Checklist - ijaraCDC

Commercial Document Checklist

 The below checklist will assist you in putting together the information that a licensed commercial lender will require.  The list below is basically a good starting point, but it is likely that more information will be needed, a more detailed downloadable check list is available.

  • Executive Summary/Business Plan (Detailed summary of project describing the basic concept of what the organization is seeking to do, including property information such as address, purchase price, down payment, overall project plan, and the history of the organization)
  • Articles of organization for entity (documentation providing the incorporation of a company, LLC, and/or corporation)
  • Personal Financial Statement filled out (form is attached to be filled out)
  • Business Financial statements including cash flow, income and expenditures for past 3 years (yearend balance sheet, income statements, profit and loss statements for 3 years) (interims- past 90 days financial statements)
  • Copy of bank statements for past 2 months (personal and business , all pages must be included)
  • Tax Returns for past 3 years (personal and business)
  • Proforma PNL and Balance sheet projection for next two years
  • Copy of purchase agreement or property/business ownership docs (Purchase Agreement between seller and buyer that has been ratified by both parties or a Letter of Intent/Commitment of purchasing the property)
  • Construction – copy of plans (pdf format) and contractor estimates (if applicable)
  • Ijara Loans Commercial Packet


Documents Required From each Guarantor

  • Personal Financial Statement filled out and signed by guarantor
  • Tax Return for most recent 3 years (personal and business)