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The December Newsletter is Here Before The Snow!

We’ve know that our valued clients are planning ahead to the days when they’ll need to start using snow shovels and getting their exercise outside clearing walks and driveways, but thankfully those days aren’t here just yet. However, because we always have ijara financing on our minds and are constantly looking for better ways to serve our valued clients in the United States and Canada, the December Newsletter has arrived. Here’s a few items that we thought would be of special importance for those interested in their ijara loan products.

  • Our Sharia compliance section is up to date. Take a look on our website today and you’ll see you can download an updated Fatwa in English or French. We’re interested in serving people on both sides of the border in Canada and the United States. We also have documentation from noted scholars in the world of Islamic finance so you can rest assured that everything is in accordance with your beliefs.
  • We like to stay modern with an assortment of social media so people can look over what we have to offer before they make any final decisions. We have a presence on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and even Linkedin to better look after the needs of our constantly changing demographics. We understand that ijara financing is always growing to better serve our multinational clients and that means we always need to stay abreast of all the most modern ways of reaching out.

Our company is constantly looking for the best ways to serve you and presenting you with the most outstanding ijara financing products that satisfy both you needs and budget.