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Halal Stated Income Investment Property Financing

Stated income financing is available for investment properties which take into account income from the property to be acquired for income qualification.  The licensed investors that are offering this financing are portfolio investors and can provide this specialty product with our Ijara Financing Structure.  This product is only available in the following States: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, HI, IL, KY, MD, MI, MN, NV, NJ, NM, NC, OH, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA

Here are the Highlights:

– ATR in Full – Liquid assets to cover loan amount, no income required (Owner occupied, non-owner, 2nd home)

– Can use asset depletion income (aggressive asset depletion calculation) with bank statement or full doc program to get under 50% DTI!

– No income documentation to 75% LTV non-owner or 2nd home

– Limited or No reserves required

– Unlimited Gift Funds

– 2nd’s or seller carry’s behind possible.

– Cash-out for properties 1 day off of the MLS OK (Properties just off the market)

– No income documentation owner occupied cash out for business purpose loan only

– Mortgage loans for foreign nationals

– Non-warrantable condo’s (loans for condo’s that Fannie and Freddie won’t purchase)

– No pre-pay penalty on all programs.

– Can finance someone who owns 20 properties!