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Here’s some great ideas for using brick with your ijara loan

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that ijara financing will help them when they decide to do some renovations to their new house. An ijara loan is useful for being sharia compliant and funding different projects that you have. If you’re lucky enough to have moved into an older home that has brick walls, here’s a few things you can do to preserve and make them part of the overall ambiance.

  • Keeping more of the red brick exposed than just one wall is quite often a nice contrast to smooth wood floor finishes. You tried something different with the ijara loan and leaving as much of the red brick that you have in your old home exposed is the same kind of adventuresome move.
  • Leaving part of the drywall exposed in the same space creates a broken look that is very modern and urban. Professional designers also suggest that you have the right wall accents that draw visitor’s eyes to the naked and exposed brick behind them.

Keep in mind your ijara loan is the perfect way to fund some of these projects after you’ve gotten used to the idea of homeownership and learned to balance your budget accordingly.