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Ijara financing and the joys of home ownership

Ijara financing brings you the joys of owning a home in a Sharia compliant fashion and that’s the perfect situation for the practising Muslim. An ijara loan can buy you either a residential or commercial property and selling to buy another property is always an option. There are some other wonderful advantages to buying a place with ijara financing and these benefits include:

    • A sense of stability. When you acquire a major investment like a house, you’re paying those monthly installments toward your future.
    • Once you stop renting, you’ll get a wonderful feeling telling you that you’re investing in your future as a homeowner and someone who will see an ROI on their investment.

    • You own the place and can do what you want.
    • Even the small things that bothered you about renting can be fixed immediately when the house is yours. Dont like the bedroom paint color? That’s not a problem because it’s all yours to change.

Ijara financing is easier to get than you might have imagined and once you do, it’s an exciting time to start looking for and eventually getting the keys to a new home.  It’s more work than renting but talking with homeowners should convince you about being on the right path.