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Islamic finance and some excellent bathroom reno ideas

If you ask around, you’ll find people who want to stay adherent to Islamic sharia law and have therefore gotten Islamic finance products are also interested in renovating their homes so they can get as much money as possible when they decide to sell. Here’s a few interesting ideas that will help you to create the illusion of a larger space in an otherwise tiny bathroom. • Lighting is one of the necessary features that you’ll need to be on top of if you want your tiny bathroom to look larger. Ceiling mounted ambient lighting is a great way to go and these inexpensive fixtures can be bought easily with the proceeds from your Islamic finance dollar. • Many homeowners looking to maximize their Islamic finance products will look to a curbed vanity in a small bathroom so there are no hard edges that cut the space up. It’s important to consider the colors that you use in the smaller bathroom have an overall effect as well.  For example,