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Islamic finance and some great flooring uses for clay brick

Like the Sharia concepts around islamic finance, walls and floors have been made from brick for thousands of years and there’s a certain charm that you can achieve by using this material. Floor bricks are often called pavers and these have several distinct advantages over other kinds of flooring material. They are more durable, lighter and even thinner than other kinds of bricks used in construction and that makes them as practical as the ijara loans you chose to start the home buying process off with. Other benefits include the fact these pavers don’t raise the floor level and they are slip resistant.

These pavers work well in the kitchen. Because they have a warmer appearance than stone, pavers can echo the earthy colors that are popular in heavily travelled areas like the kitchen.  The warm appearance and touch of the brick floor can also be used in the bedroom where there’s an added warm touch that adds to the ambiance in that space. Like islamic finance products, these bricks are a great choice for areas that receive natural light which brings out the subtleties in the colors. Islamic finance products are a great way to get started with real estate and once you do, it’s important to understand the choices you have when it comes to renovations.