How an Islamic mortgage halal can help you pick an exit strategy

When you decided to start a business, you knew you’d need an Islamic mortgage Halal. Once you’ve reaped all the benefits there comes a time when you should start thinking about an exit strategy.

Here’s a few thoughts on how to accomplish that goal.

Transfer the Ownership

Usually, the management in your existing company or a group of employees or a combination of both puts their money together to buy the operation. One of the big advantages here is people who have been with your company for years get rewarded. It’s a natural extension of the philosophy of social justice it goes along with an Islamic mortgage Halal.

One of the disadvantages is this type of transfer can fail. When that happens the morale for the company usually takes a dip.

Selling to a Third Party

Here, there are several options available including selling your business to another enterprise. There’s also an initial public offerings or IPO allowing people to buy stocks.

Finding a Successor

This can be a family member or someone in the company who’s proven their worth over years of service. There are some distinct advantages and disadvantages here.

One of the advantages is the fact that this reduces any kind of involvement by third parties. You will also be able to involve yourself in the business using this model.


One of the disadvantages is finding the right kind of successor which can be difficult. This particular kind of succession model can also cause problems within the family. It’s important to start the whole process off by putting together some criteria for a successor.

It’s the same kind of forward planning you used when you got an ijara mortgage. Careful planning and due diligence are two cornerstones. Why not get in touch with us through our toll-free number to discuss your Islamic mortgage halal options today?