Mortgage Halal

Some Mortgage Halal Tips on Hiring A Contractor

After you’ve got mortgage halal and the keys to your house, you’ll want to get ready to do some home improvements. That means you need to hire a contractor. These easy steps will help you find a reputable one.

Get Everything in Writing

You’ll be excited to get started with the renovation on your kitchen and bathroom. However, it’s important to get everything written down in a contract before you start. Keep in mind that most of the reputable companies that you will want to deal with will require a written contract anyway.

These are important for several reasons including detailing what the normal operating procedures are for the contractor you want to hire.

Don’t Make A Large Deposit

Even if you find a contractor you’ve found reputable and trustworthy, you should steer away from making a large deposit at first. There’s an old adage about the fact that once you paid for the job that’s s not done, you’ve lost your leverage.

Here, it’s critical to use the same business sense you did when choosing a mortgage halal.

Keep an Eye on Things

It’s important that all the contractors that work on your place are supervised at all times. If you can’t be home, try and find someone you trust to look after the job for you.

Finally, you should leave any contractors alone to do the job that you hired them for. Lending them tools or actually helping them do the job defeats the purpose. Here’s another helpful hint. As much as you might like the team or individuals working in your house, resist any temptation to make a final payment until everything is finished.

Sharia compliant financial products should help you set the stage for all of your other business dealings. Getting a mortgage halal helps to set the stage. We can help. Call or email today.