Why You Need Residential Guidance Looking For a Neighborhood

One of the things that people looking for sharia compliant mortgages need is residential guidance finding a good neighborhood. Many practicing Muslims have spent time deciding how many rooms and features they want in a house. However, they need a little help when it comes to the neighborhood that house goes in.

Here’s a few things that you should be looking for:


Now while that might seem obvious to someone who’s just starting out, there’s a lot to consider when you’re matching pricing and a neighborhood. If you take the time to look at how a home price has faired in past economic cycles, you’ll get a good indicator of what you can expect.

In other words, our first residential guidance tip is about looking at historical home prices.

Home Ownership Percentages

Before moving to any neighborhood it’s a good idea to look at the percentage of owner occupied homes. It’s generally a fact that owners spend more money on upgrades that renters. This adds value for the entire community.


Another important indicator is the safety in any neighborhood you are considering. Once again, the more people who own the homes, the safer neighborhoods generally get. Research has shown that areas with high home ownership rates have low crime rates.

If you’re looking for crime statistics, the local police department should be able to help you out. Finally, one of the other indicators of good neighborhood is transportation and shopping. If you don’t have either in the place you’re considering, check to see if there are any future plans for both.

Taking the time to do the research about the neighborhood you are considering is essential. Getting the right kind of residential guidance for this part of your home ownership journey is important. Reach us at 1-87-786-IJARA (877) 864-5272.