Interesting facts about Islamic investment

Our goal at IjaraCDC is making sure people who are looking to get involved with Islamic investment have the right information. We want you to make the right decisions. That said, we’ve put together some data we hope you’ll find useful.

Did you know that?

  • Islam requires all of the investments that it recommends to be fair and equitable? In fact, the religion stresses the importance of fair distribution of wealth to stop profiteering and other greedy behaviours.
  • Islamic banking is very clear on forbidding things like trading in alcohol, pornography and gambling.
  • There is also no clear distinction in Islamic banking between the secular and the religious. In other words, what applies under the umbrella of sharia compliance is held up in all areas of society.
  • By present count, there are more than 300 Islamic banks all across the world. That number would be even higher if you included traditional banks that have Islamic departments or operations.
  • Some Islamic investment products are finding difficulty because Islamic laws are not standardized across all markets. There are scholars on both sides of the argument with some fearing too much standardization would hinder innovation.
  • Islamic banks will be the central point for the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims in a decade. It’s been estimated that these people will hold 50% of all their savings in these institutions. It’s important to us that each and every one of our clients understands sharia compliance as a central point for any kind of Islamic finance. IjaraTM  follows sharia compliance in all our products.

We are constantly looking for better ways to streamline and apply sharia law. If you have an opposition to paying interest on loans based on your adherence to Islam, we can help you. Let us help you sort through your Islamic investment options.