I have been in the real estate business for the past 31 years. In 2019 I realized the importance of staying away from the interest business I sold all of my properties and Alhamdulillah came out fully from all kind of interest related businesses. I was keeping myself away from any kind of mortgages or loans to expand my business because I had a clear understanding that you cannot be in the real estate business if you don’t want to deal with interest and had this misconception about Islamic Financing that it’s almost impossible to get approved for Islamic Financing because it takes forever in order to complete the transaction but I’m delighted to inform you and share my experience with Ijara financial where sister Sofie Palma helped me understand the Ijara’s concept and answered all of my questions very professionally regarding this rent to own concept and when I was ready to move forward and submit my application sister Sofie Palma and sister Gladdi Ang were working on my file much much more efficiently than I had ever experienced in the past with any other well know mortgage companies and here I am on my way to get back in the Real estate business the Halal way without dealing with an interest.

Thank you Sister Sofie Palma. Thank you sister Gladdi Ang and the entire management of Ijara for looking after peoples believes and their values by providing no interest mortgage services.


- Amjad S.

Ijara team has provided me with a smooth pre-approval process and their communications are accurate and very prompt. They are highly professional and sharp team, and I look forward to continue working with them towards getting my first house in Canada following a sharia compliant way.


- Yousef H.

I am using Ijara services since 2013 and I had no issues with them. Their service is excellent!


- Muhammad I.

We had a great experience. Very professional and timely process. Extremely satisfied with the house buying process.


- Nazim L.

I live in Ontario Canada and with Ijara for last six years. I found them very professional and responsive. I would highly recommend them to everybody interested to go for Islamic mortgage


- M. S

I was probably the first to use Ijara in Texas back in 2005. They were great helping me with my first home purchase. They have always been very professional and timely in responding to my needs and requests.


- Iqbal L.

As a first time buyer, Sofie walked me through all my options in Islamic Home Financing . She's always available to answer all my questions and they had an amazing team that was great to work with as well. I would highly recommend Ijara to anyone buying a home!


- Aayan K.

I am a member of Ijara since 2010 and I bought my first house in 2010, The agent was very helpfull and all my process were done very smoothly, then I sold this house in 2015 and bought bigger one, the transaction was also done very smoothly and I had no tension during the whole process. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy a house with Islamic financing.


- Aftab I.

One of the best Islamic home financing in North America and Canada. I worked with Gemala and she is awesome!!


- King S.

Sofie and her entire team were very knowledgeable, kind, patient and professional right from the very beginning, and guided me diligently throughout the entire mortgage conversion process. It was fairly straightforward and they have an extensive network of lawyers across Canada that are happy and willing to assist in the house purchase and mortgage conversion process. The entire journey was smooth, transparent and reasonably priced, and I would not hesitate at all in recommending them to family and friends!


- M.H

We have been clients of Ijara CDC since 2013. From the start, this company worked for our benefit financially and spiritually too! Unlike other Islamic mortgage companies, the consultants and owners were always happy to answer every skeptical question we had. One of the best things is that they won't just approve a mortgage without really examining financial circumstances and giving us a reality check. They always made sure that we understood our financial limitations and didn't get ourselves into a bind that would cause difficulties in the long run. This transparency, over time, has paid off.

Very recently, COVID-19 impacted my husband's job. All it took was one phone call, and by the end of the day, I got an email stating that we could take 3-month break-no penalties, no strings attached. When we needed them most, they stood by us and made things easier for us as a family.

I couldn't recommend this company enough. It is a small business that cares about its clients. We plan to continue financing through them for many years to come, and we hope many others do the same.


- Shazia J.

I would like to say “THANK YOU” to the Ijara team, Gladdi and Sofie for their wonderful support and help throughout this journey of making a dream come true in purchasing my condo. Thank you for your amazing work.


- Bibi

I had the pleasure of working with Ijara to get an Islamic loan for an investment property and I can't be more thankful for all the efforts they made for me . They went to great lengths to run everything smoothly with the lender who was asking for so many documents. Gladdi was really patient and understanding throughout the whole process. I am really happy that you provided me with the opportunity for a Halal investment, I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help.


- SA

My dad was asking me why I went with Ijara vs. Guidance or UIF and I told him the ability to talk to people that understand the business and not just the process was important. If you remember, we started off contemplating buying a home with land and renovating/replacing the original structure. The other two companies didn’t get it, and my conversation with you was consistent with every time we’ve spoken. You know the business and understand inside and out and that’s extremely important, at least to me.


- Umair D, MA