July Newsletter: Here's a few more things we offer on our islamic home financing website. - ijaraCDC

July Newsletter: Here’s a few more things we offer on our islamic home financing website.

Islamic home financing is more comprehensive than you might first think. There’s a lot that goes into putting together one of these islamic mortgage financing packages and we thought it would be a fine time as the weather gets warmer to take a closer look at some of the factors that make us special and different from the competition.  Remember, our version of islamic mortgage loans is still the best way for you to stay Sharia compliant and away from the ravages of riba. That said, let’s look at some of the ijaracdc.com differences.

  • First off, we have a battery of some of the best Islamic scholars to be found anywhere working with us. We know how important it is to have noted scholars from places as far away as Pakistan and as close as Canada working with us to ensure everything that we do is as it should be. These scholars are just another example of  our commitment to 100% client satisfaction.
  • We also have an extensive library on the website that deals with some of the other issues that come up as you start the journey toward home ownership.  Take a look under the General Info tab and you’ll see a variety of interesting and important topics discussed from useful ijara links to articles that can help you understand the application process better.
  • Make sure to look at the products tab as well while looking through the website. We have residential and commercial products and interesting information on investment products and non profit strategies.

Of course everything that you need to know about islamic mortgage loans  in relation to Sharia compliance is also clearly laid our on the website. We want you to do business with us and to that end, we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure you choose us as your one stop islamic mortgage loans company.