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Arab Finance Tips for Paying Off A Sharia Compliant Loan Faster

Arab Finance Definition: This is another sharia compliant term that might not be familiar to people who are looking at ijara of mortgages for the first time. Basically, this is a term that is interchangeable with Islamic finance because it deals with elements of sharia compliance. Practicing Muslims want to be assured that any of their money dealings are in line with their religious beliefs. Like a lot of other products of the same nature, Arab finance does away with usury or riba which is essentially interest paid on the money on loans.

If you’re considering the sharia compliant mortgage situation in Canada and the United States, you should be aware the rates in both countries appear to be climbing slowly. Of course, practicing Muslims want to use their finance techniques to make sure they are free from riba.

We’ve also decided to include a few tips that will help you pay any loan down quicker.

Look at the Options

Although it’s a very important part, arabfinance is just one of the aspects that you’ll need to look at. Sometimes, you may be moved from one job to another with the same company to a different city. It’s often the case that your family grows and you need to move your location to keep up with your growing numbers.

Looking at the ability to transfer a mortgage rather than start a new one when you move is important. These are often called your transferability options and may make it easier to pay down the amount you owe.

It’s important to remember that arabfinance often needs to play by the same rules as a more traditional mortgage. Using these transfer options can save you lots of money and penalties you might have to pay otherwise.


Although you are paying the money to a trust, there’s still a need to pay the principal down on any mortgage. That’s why it’s an outstanding idea to look at the pre-payment options that you have. Usually you can find terms that will allow you to make payments on the principal without penalty.

When you can make several bulk payments, and these go directly to what you owe, the end result is a mortgage that shrinks quickly. It’s a good idea to find a financial institution that will let you bump up your monthly payments or make a few extra ones in between.


One of the best ways to pay your sharia compliant mortgage down is to show some discipline. When you’re taking on this kind of loan, whether it’s traditional or through arabfinance means, you’ll need to sacrifice to get to where you need to be.

Practicing Muslims can take the bonuses that they earn at work or even take money returned from their taxes to help them pay down what they owe. Get in touch with us anytime and we’ll fill you in on your arabfinance options.

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