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How is My Credit Utilization Ratio Calculated ?

A credit utilization ratio is a measurement that reflects the amount you owe on your credit cards versus the cards’ limits. When financing reports are taken into account, Islamic financing is just like everything else. A credit utilization ratio is a very significant number. Both FICO and VantageScore, both credit score providers, take this number […]

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How Does Making a Payment Late Affect My Score

When a bill is overlooked it is reported to credit bureaus and many worry that this will destroy their score. The truth is, forgetting to make a payment or making it late is unlikely to tank your score, for many reasons, including payments for Islamic financing. One late fee doesn’t mean that your credit score […]

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How to Get Your Free Credit Reports?

Just like having a carbon footprint or a digital footprint, a person has a credit data footprint, which is called a credit report. All things related to your credit, including Islamic financing, is shown. Unlike your credit score, it is simply just a report of your past records. Your credit score is based on information […]

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What is the Range for Credit Scores?

Whenever encountering a financial decision, such as opening up a credit card or seeking a loan, your credit score is generally taken into account. The truth of the matter is not many people are aware of the range of a credit score and what is tells.   There are several types of scoring methods but […]

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How to Build Your Credit Score?

    There is a tremendous emphasis on your credit score in most financing occasions, such as seeking a lender. Many people are curious and unaware of the opportunities and possibilities to build their credit score.   If you don’t already have a credit score, it is difficult to obtain a loan, even an Islamic […]

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