IjaraCDC is proud of the fact we supply guidance for Islamic financing it is complete and thorough. We supply residential loan programs that are Sharia compliant. Our commercial options are exactly the same. Transparency is one of the fundamental differences that make us an industry leader in the ijara mortgage field.

That’s why we are always clear with our clients about not being a lender or broker. Our job is a Sharia structuring company that understands the needs of the Muslim community in the United States and Canada.

We supply an alternative choice to more traditional mortgages that allows you to purchase real estate and stay true to your religious beliefs. We take the time to supply the information in text and videos that will guide you through our process.

Clear Choice

If you’re looking for guidance for Islamic financing, IjaraCDC is a clear choice. We are proud of the fact that we adhere to Sharia law while at the same time fitting in with the more traditional Western banking structures.

We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction in each and every project that we take on. Our goal is to be an instrument to help Muslims enter the real estate world in North America without compromising their religious beliefs.

One of the other advantages to our program is it’s an affordably priced option. We’ve also taken the time to put a lot of information on our website so you can make an informed choice about your ijara mortgage.

If you’re interested in learning more and want some solid advice and guidance for Islamic financing, we can help. Getting started is as easy as clicking on the convenient tab on our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you so we can help you get started. Fill in the form on our website today.