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Here’s a realistic schedule for selling your home.

Real estate professionals and mortgage brokers alike will tell you that regardless of easing the tension with the right Islamic loans USA product, having unrealistic expectations when you start the process of selling a house does the reverse and adds to the stress level.

Having a mature template that you can use to gauge the amount of time it should take from start to finish will lower your blood pressure and make the whole process run more smoothly.

  • Two weeks. That’s the amount of time it should take to get your home ready to sell. Cleaning and small painting jobs included, it’s important to de-clutter and take down any personal pictures so potential buyers can envision themselves in the house.
  • Four  to six months. Although this varies widely with the location of your home and the money you’re asking for it, if you have a good location and are asking a reasonable amount this is the yardstick for time on the market .
  • One week. That’s how long it usually takes to negotiate an offer.
  • Thirty to forty five days. Even though you’re in the home stretch, closing usually takes this amount of time.

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