Ijara 360 App

Download our Absolutely Free App, No Registration Required. Everything you need to perfect your Deen available in one App: Qiblat and Azan Timings; Al-Quran; 99 Names of Allah; Zakat and Mortgage Calculator; Available in English, Arabic, Urdu and French


Ijara360 is a free, open source application for Android devices, to be your informational resource for Islamic loan and finance solutions through no Riba or Shariah compliant no interest financing methods. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an Islamic loan for your home or business, we can assist you with structuring a Sharia Compliant solution with any licensed lender.The Ijara process is asset-based rather than credit-based Islamic financing method that has been used in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Similar to conventional auto leases, the Ijara loan sets up a lessor-lessee relationship rather than a creditor-debtor relationship. An Ijara sets up a Trust which becomes the owner of the real estate property in question. The Trust then leases the property to the customer. The customer pays a portion of the purchase price every month as a rental payment.


– Provide Islamic loan and finance solutions through no Riba or Shariah compliant no interest financing methods
– Ijara Calculator to calculate monthly payment over your loan.
– Read full Quran (Al Qur’an) without Internet.
– Hole App and Quran fully translated to: English, Arbic, French, Urdu
– Lists names of Allah and Prophet (PBUH) separately and You can tap on any name to know its details
– Animated Qibla compass to show Qibla anytime no matter which part of the globe are you in.
– The GPS in the app detects the location of the user and gives Azan timing for that region even you can manually find Azan timing for particular region by selecting it from Countries List.
– Detail you the Islamic Finance Products
– This App helps the user who gives the Zakat and they can calculate the Zakat in the right way.
– Contact us or Request for Service at any time via email.

Note :

– For Accurate direction keep the device flat and parallel to the earth.
– The device should also be kept at a distance from electromagnetic fields and ferrous metal objects for accurate pointing.