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Ijara financing and the home buying process

Ijara financing is the beginning of the process that will get you a new home, but it’s only a start. Of course an ijara loan will get you get you some riba free money so you can enter the real estate market and stay Sharia compliant, but once you get this part of the finances straightened out, you need to have an idea of what to expect from the buying process. You’ll need to start by looking for that special place and you’ll need to use everything at your disposal. Use any online resources that you can find as well as a good real estate agent. Compliment your ijara financing efforts by driving around neighborhoods you think you’d like to live in looking for For Sale signs. Remember it also important to get a good home inspection and understand how to make a proper offer on any of the homes that you’re interested in. Keep in mind the kind of fiscal responsibility you showed with ijara financing and carefully look over the home inspection report to see if there are any flaws that would preclude you from closing the deal. Finally, always remember that even though ijara financing helped you get the keys to your new house,