Three reasons why Islamic banking makes a difference

There are many reasons why you should get involved with Islamic banking. First and foremost, it’s important to understand you don’t need to be a Muslim to reap the benefits of an ijara mortgage. We have happy clients on both sides of the border who enjoy the benefits of the products we offer. Some practice different faiths or none at all.

The one thing these clients all have in common is 100% satisfaction with our products. Here are three reasons why.

The Islamic system promotes stable investments

There is a well thought out approach to the Islamic system. For example, each transaction needs to be sharia compliant and vetted accordingly. This cautious approach translates well for today’s investors who are looking to make solid decisions of all kinds in an uncertain financial world.

With the kind of analysis and thorough audits that we perform, every Islamic financing transaction reduces risk while increasing investment stability. Relying on scholars for guidance in these transactions is one of the cornerstones of this system.

Islamic banking focuses on inclusion

This is one of the other fundamental differences between our system and the more conventional variety. The Islamic banking system is more all-inclusive. For example, it doesn’t place the same focus on credit ratings that more Western versions do. Although the system follows stricter standards in other ways, you can have a tarnished credit score and still qualify with the Islamic version.

It focuses on growth

Rather than focusing on predetermined interest rates like conventional banks, this system focuses on the potential for development and growth. The Islamic system is always looking for ways to expand, grow and increase ROI. Investing in promising businesses and other ventures is the core principle behind Islamic banking.

Why not contact us today? We have a sharia compliant product that’s right for you.