An Islamic calculator and other statistics

Because we want to leave no stone unturned and be transparent, we put an Islamic calculator on our website. Since we’ve decided to put a blog together dealing with numbers, we thought you might be interested in some other statistics and facts.

For example, did you know that the most impressive growth in Islamic financing is in the GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? According to the most recent statistics, that’s the case. These are the countries where ijara loans are the most popular.

However that doesn’t mean this type of financing isn’t making great headway in other places. For example, recent statistics show that Turkey and Pakistan are countries that are moving forward with Islamic financing products.

An Islamic calculator and Islamic banks

The total commercial assets of Islamic banks was almost $USD800 billion in 2013. According to estimates by companies like Ernst & Young, it’s set to grow exponentially. The point is clear. If you live in North America and are looking for ijara loans, you’re in good company.

The ijara calculator that we have on our website only calculates your payment. You’d need a much bigger apparatus to figure out some of the following numbers that relate to Islamic finance worldwide. For example, some estimates on the size of the Islamic finance market place it at $1.6 to $2.1 trillion dollars across the globe.

Finally here’s another interesting fact about Islamic finance. Did you know that one of the hubs is called the Dubai International Financial Centre? It is responsible for connecting regional markets around the middle east. As well, it acts as a go between between Islamic finance centers in North America and Africa.

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