Islamic finance Canada and a history of Muslims here

Supplying products like Islamic finance Canada is a worthy endeavour in a multicultural country. Canada celebrates a diverse background of cultures from around the world including Muslims.

Here’s a few interesting facts about these important members of the Canadian family:

Did you know that Canada’s national holiday fell in the middle of Ramadan in 2015? It happened once before 30 years ago when there were only 100,000 Muslims in the entire country. In 2015, there were 1.1 million and their numbers are growing.

  • Muslims living in Canada come from a very diverse set of backgrounds. They come from the Middle East, Eastern Europe South Asia, and even Africa and speak a variety of different languages.
  • Canadian Muslims are also a well educated people. In fact 44% of the population between 24 and 64 has a university degree.
  • Muslims are very active politically in Canada. There are several members of Parliament who count Islam as their faith and Calgary has a Muslim mayor.

It’s a small wonder that Islamic finance Canada operations do well. We offer both residential and commercial products that are free from riba and Sharia compliant. We strive to be your informational resource for all different kinds of Islamic loans and would love to hear your questions.

The very first Muslims who immigrated to Canada came from Scotland in 1854. They converted to Islam before settling in Ontario to start their new lives in the New World.

The population of Muslims in Canada grew steadily until 1911 when it dropped off for 20 years. The very first mosque in Canada opened in December 1938 in Edmonton.

The contributions of the Muslim community continue to grow in Canada to this day. We are always available to answer any and all of your questions about our Islamic finance Canada products.

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