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Islamic home financing and hiring a contractor

After you’ve bought a home using islamic mortgage financing and settled in, it’s not uncommon to find you want to do a few renovations needed to increase the value of the place or your personal enjoyment of it. That means at least part of your Islamic home financing dollar could go towards hiring a contractor to do the work for you.

Remember, there are good and bad contractors like any other profession, so the experts here say you should like the one you’re hiring. Keep in mind, this person could be in your house for weeks or even months working around you and your family so if you don’t feel comfortable with them for any particular reason, look for another professional.

Of course, there are some more practical concerns and you want to be sure anyone you hire is a licensed, bonded professional. It’s a good idea to pick a contractor that specializes in the kind of project you need done. Someone who specializes in kitchens, for instance, is likely to have taken classes as well so they will be able to head off any problems that come up.