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islamic home loans and seeing houses

Islamic home loans are a great way to stay away from some of the issues that more conventional loans can cause with interest, but there are always a few points where these islamic mortgage loans and their more traditional Western counterparts intersect. For example, when you get to the point where you’re actually looking at houses, the checklist you should use is remarkably similar for both types. Here a few points  where both types of loan meet.

  • Looking at the wiring in a home. Most of the homes any real estate agent will take you to will have modern copper wiring, but there will be instances when you might have to make some decisions about a home with aluminum as opposed to copper. As well you need to look at the outlets in the house to see if they meet your needs. Changing out some older fixtures might not be beyond your reach but putting in brand new outlets is a bigger job that will require an electrician.
  • Take a look at the basics to see how well the routine maintenance has been done. The roof and basement will give you a good idea how well the home has been looked after by the present owner.

Using these tips will give you a good idea about the kind of place you’re thinking about buying with your islamic mortgage loans.