Islamic mortgage financing will buy you either a house or a condo. Which one is right for you?

One of the biggest decisions you need to make when you buy a home is financing and you’ll likely take care of that with Islamic home financing. Afterwards, some people with good careers and the money to spend have to make the choice between a condominium or a house.

It’s important to take a few minutes to decide whether outdoor space is important to you because you’ll more than likely lose that with the condominium. Although many people enjoy these smaller spaces at the heart of the city, you should be aware these lofts and other units in the core of any downtown could be noisy as well.

It’s critical to remember that owning a condominium means you’ll be sharing some expenses with your neighbors when it comes to upkeep and maintenance too. People who are more comfortable having complete control over decisions affecting their home are better suited to a detached house.


Perhaps the best news here is islamic home financing works best in both cases regardless of the decision you make about the style of dwelling.