Islamic Mortgage USA and A Quick History of Islam In America

Judging by the popularity of Islamic mortgage USA products alone, it’s easy to see why Islam is becoming a popular way of life and religion in North America. However, when you drill down deeper look and at the history of Muslims in America, you get an even more interesting picture.

Here’s a few of the highlights:

· Although there is no exact date in any history book, there is some evidence that Muslims were in America as early as the 14th century. There’s even some speculation that Columbus had a book with him it was written by Muslims well before he discovered America.

· By 1878, things had begun to speed up and Muslims were arriving from Syria. Some of them settled in Ohio and others moved to Michigan. By all accounts there was a sizable Muslim population in the United States by 1924.

So, it’s little wonder that there is a growing need for Islamic mortgage USA products. People who want to buy into the real estate game in North America want to be sure they can do so abiding by their sharia compliant desires.

The Muslim population of the United States began to build their own mosques sometime in the 1940s. Once Israel was established in 1948, another influx of immigrants came from places like Palestine to live in North America.

Today, there is some discrepancy about the number of people who adhere to sharia compliant rules living in the United States. Some estimates place the number of Muslims living here at up to 5 million. Other researchers say the number is closer to 4 million. Regardless of the exact number, each and every member of our community can get the information they need on Islamic mortgage USA services through us. Why not check out our website today?