Islamic Sharia Finance and The Best Home Remodels for the Money

After you’ve bought a home and protected yourself from usury with an

Islamic sharia finance product, you should think about remodeling. Whether you are doing it for yourself or resale value, there are a few projects that should be considered.

The Front Door

Making a good first impression is important. A replacement front door will do that and help to lower your energy costs at the same time. What makes this remodeling project even more attractive is the average resale value is over 100% of what you pay.

A steel replacement door is preferred.

Garage Doors

Still considering the outside of your home, a new garage door is another solid investment. Experts suggest you can pay just a little over $1000 for a good replacement door. What’s more, you can recoup almost 85% of the cost on resell.

Kitchen Remodeling

Getting an Islamic sharia finance product doesn’t need to be the only smart way you spend money. A minor kitchen remodel is quite often just the thing even when you have no plans to move. However, you can recoup about 75% of the cost when you go to sell.

Start by installing a new set of cabinets and flooring. If you’re looking to keep the cost reasonable, you might want to exclude new appliances. Taking the time to look at your options in counter tops is one way to make a visual difference.

Keep in mind that some of the remodeling jobs you might think have a good return are lower down on the list. For example a basement remodel can cost upwards of $50,000 but you’ll only recoup 70% of the cost.

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