Items Needed

Requirements for An Islamic Commercial Loan

Items needed to apply for Islamic Commercial Loan

Commercial Finance Topics

The following Items will be Required for your application

  1. Three Year Tax Returns (Business / Personal).
  2. YTD Financial Statements including Balance Sheet.
  3. Last Two Month Bank Statements (Bus. / Pers.)
  4. Organization Documents (Corporate Papers).
  5. Executive Summary (Business Plan).
  6. 3 Year Income and Expense Projection.
  7. For Existing Business Purchase – Need Operating History.
  8. For Construction – Plans / Contractor Estimates.

Studies / Reports That May Be Required

Appraisal – Valuation of Business / Real Estate / Inventory

Environmental (not always required)

Transaction Screen
Phase I ESA
Phase II ESA
Phase III Remediation

For New Construction
Soils Reports
Architectural / Construction drawings
Traffic Studies