Items Needed

Items needed to apply for Islamic Commercial Loan

Commercial Finance Topics

The following Items will be Required for your application

  1. Three Year Tax Returns (Business / Personal).
  2. YTD Financial Statements including Balance Sheet.
  3. Last Two Month Bank Statements (Bus. / Pers.)
  4. Organization Documents (Corporate Papers).
  5. Executive Summary (Business Plan).
  6. 3 Year Income and Expense Projection.
  7. For Existing Business Purchase – Need Operating History.
  8. For Construction – Plans / Contractor Estimates.

Studies / Reports That May Be Required

Appraisal – Valuation of Business / Real Estate / Inventory

Environmental (not always required)

Transaction Screen
Phase I ESA
Phase II ESA
Phase III Remediation

For New Construction
Soils Reports
Architectural / Construction drawings
Traffic Studies