Looking at Halal Investing? Here’s Some Ideas for You To Look At.

Looking at Halal Investing? Here’s Some Ideas.

Islamic financing and Halal investing are catching on with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. There’s a social justice element that appeals to both religious and secular folks looking to invest their money.

So, if you’re looking at Halal investing, we’ve come up with some ideas that can get you started.

If you are interested in the stock market, you just need a few simple guidelines to begin. For example, these stocks are based on sharia compliant principles. First off, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with companies and industries that are forbidden under our Islamic faith.

Halal Stocks

That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some Canadian and American stocks that are considered Halal.

One of those companies that everyone should recognize is DuPont. This organization has a history that goes all the way back to 1802. The Canadian National Railway is also considered fine if you are looking at halal investing options.

If you are more interested in the digital world, Adobe is considered Halal. Salesforce also fits into that category. There is one big box that needs to be checked if you are looking to become a Halal investing expert. The stock must be socially responsible and ethical.

Profits and Losses

At the center of that is the concept of riba. No interest can exchange hands and investors need to share all the profits and all the losses.

 Looking to Use Halal Investing To Buy a Home? We Can Help

There is no reason why practicing Muslims can’t become investors. That goes for money markets and real estate. In fact, our IjaraTM Home Financing Program can help you purchase a property and stay sharia compliant.

At the center of our program is a financing contract that is free from interest. We help you to stay away from riba by setting up a sharia compliant structure. An independent trust holds the title to any real estate that you buy.

That’s the big difference and the way you can use this type of halal investing to your advantage.

 We are the Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC). Our goal is to put together a structured deal that can get you the keys to your new home. What’s more, we can do it in a sharia compliant manner. Our priority is always streamlining the process of providing you with Islamic finance.

Everything we do will ensure that you stay away from any interest paid on loans. Our system is currently working in all of the provinces in Canada and 50 American states.

The structure that we put together abides by sharia law. At the same time it fits within more traditional banking systems and offers you competitively priced options. Everyone involved in IjaraTM financing benefits through this process.

Sharia compliance is a cornerstone of Islamic life. Making sure you get the benefits of Western investments while staying true to your religious beliefs is a priority.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy Halal investing and the benefits of real estate at the same time.